Roger Hammond

Last updated 09 January 2020

Roger Hammond (1936-2012)
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John Roger Hammond

Born: Saturday 21st March 1936
Died: Thursday 8th November 2012 (age: 76)

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Roger Hammond was an English character actor who had appeared in many films and television series.

He appeared in two Doctor Who stories: as Francis Bacon in  The Chase and Dr. Runciman in  Mawdryn Undead. 

He also portrayed Harold Withers in the Big Finish Doctor Who audio story BFA: The Eternal Summer.

Hammond's credits includes the Prince of Wales in The Duchess of Duke Street, Valence in A Dangerous Man: Lawrence After Arabia, and Cecil in A Good Woman. Hammond has also been cast as a clergyman several times, including as the Archbishop in Ian McKellen's Richard III, the Bishop de Cambrai in The Princes in the Tower, and as the Chief Augur in the HBO television drama Rome.