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Sian Pattenden

Last updated 05 March 2013

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Tegan: as Tegan as a child: Mawdryn Undead(uncredited)
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Sian Pattenden


Sian Pattenden is an author and illustrator.

She played the young Tegan in the 1983 story Mawdryn Undead.

At 16 she entered a playwrighting competition at the Soho Poly Theatre. The result, Steven Newman Doesn’t Eat Quiche, went to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Sian was the youngest fringe playwright ever.

Sian worked at Smash Hits then many other magazines, meeting people who were called things like ‘Kylie’ or ‘Robbie Williams’ or even ‘Bobby Gillespie’. She wrote an informative book called How To Make It In The Music Business about jobs in the, er, music business.

1,734 interviews with pop ‘stars’ later, she started writing children’s fiction with The Awful Tale of Agatha Bilke, the first in a three-book series published by Short Books in 2006. The initial book in a new set of adventures called The Peppers and the International Magic Guys has just been selected for inclusion in the Spring 2012 Richard and Judy Book Club.

As an illustrator she has drawn the playing cards for ‘Unhappy Families’; the artwork for each Agatha Bilke book, the North London Arts Map & Arts Guide and Neil Strauss’ Everyone Loves You When You’re Dead … And also for the Art Brut Brilliant! Tragic! comic.