Philip Latham

Last updated 15 July 2020

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Philip Latham (1929-2020)
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Philip Latham

Born: Sunday 17th February 1929
Died: Saturday 20th June 2020 (age: 91)


Philip Latham  is a British actor. 

He was educated at Felsted School.

In the late 1960s/early 1970s he was well known to British TV viewers for his portrayal of chief accountant Willy Izard, the "conscience" to hard-nosed oil company industrialist Brian Stead (played by Geoffrey Keen) in the BBC series The Troubleshooters (1965–72). Other credits The Cedar TreeThe SaintMaigretSergeant CorkJusticeLove StoryKillersHammer House of HorrorNo. 10Nanny and The Professionals.

One of his most famous film roles was as Dracula's sinister servant Klove in Hammer's 1966 film Dracula, Prince of Darkness. On television he played Plantagenet Palliser in the multipart series The Pallisers. He also played Lord President Borusa in the 1983 20th anniversary episode of Doctor WhoThe Five Doctors.