Philip Voss

Last updated 18 November 2020

Philip Voss (1936-2020)
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Philip Voss

Born: 1936
Died: 2020 (age: 84)


Philip Voss (born in Leicester, Leicestershire) is an English stageradiofilm and television actor.

 He has played small roles since the 1960s, but more notable ones include roles in such as the 1964 Doctor Who serial Marco Polo.

Also worked on  Frankenstein and the Monster from Hell, the 1981 Lord of the Rings radio seriesIndian Summer, an RSC 1996 revival of The White DevilThe Brides in the Bath, two plays in the Arkangel Shakespeare and a small role in an audio dramatisation of an Anton Chekov short story), until more recently attaining a recurring role in the TV seriesFish as Ivan Vishnevski. Other credits include a stint at the London Shakespeare Workout, two roles for the Shared Experience Company (in Three Sisters and The Seagull), and playing Serebryakov in a West End rendition of Anton Chekov's The Wood Daemon.

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