Jason Connery

Last updated 09 January 2020

Jason Connery
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Jason Joseph Connery

Born: Friday 11th January 1963 (age: 60)


Jason Connery  is an English actor. He played played Jondar in the 1985 story Vengeance on Varos

Jason Joseph Connery was born in London, England. His parents are both actors, Scottish-born Sean Connery and the late Australian-born Diane Cilento. He attended Millfield School, a co-educational independent school in the village of Street, in Somerset, England, and later the independent Gordonstoun School in Moray, Scotland. He was later accepted into the Bristol Old Vic Theatre School.

Jason Connery performed many roles in theatre and subsequently had parts in several B-films. His film debut was in The Lords of Discipline (1983). He portrayed Robin Hood  in the final season of the television series Robin of Sherwood in 1986. Connery became well known in the UK for this role.

Connery also portrayed James Bond creator Ian Fleming in the 1990 television drama Spymaker: The Secret Life of Ian Fleming. (Fleming created the James Bond character, which was the role that made his father Sean Connery a star.) In 1997, he shot a fantasy film (originally intended as a pilot episode for a longer series); playing the title role of Merlin in Merlin: The Quest Begins, directed by David Winning and filmed on location in Peebles, Scotland; he appeared in Faithful Dealing (2001) in London, an English Restoration Whodunit, produced by Dominic Madden. In 2003, he toured with a stage production of The Blue Room. In 2004, he starred as a main character in the children's show Shoebox Zoo and returned in the second series in September 2005.

He made many Continental European films in the lead with the lead role in the film Night Skies (2006), and a lead role in the film Lightspeed (2006). He played a vampire hunter in Brotherhood of Blood (2007).

In 2008, he made his directorial debut with the film Pandemic and in 2009 directed The Devil's Tomb.