Yolande Palfrey

Last updated 09 January 2020

Yolande Palfrey (1957-2011)
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Yolande Palfrey

Born: Friday 29th March 1957
Died: Saturday 9th April 2011 (age: 54)

Yolande Palfrey was a British actress who appeared in many BBC programmes including Pennies from Heaven, Measure for Measure, Elizabeth Alone, Wings, Blake's 7 , Crime and Punishment and Nanny.

In Doctor Who she played Janet, a stewardess on the Hyperion III, in the 1986 Sixth Doctor story,  Terror of the Vervoids.

She appeared in The Finishing Line, Love in a Cold Climate for Thames Television, Dragonslayer for The Walt Disney Company and Paramount Pictures, and The Breadwinner for Yorkshire Television.

Stage performances included Murder, Dear Watson at The Mill at Sonning and Great Expectations at the Old Vic.

Yolande Palfrey died of a brain tumour.