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Last updated 09 January 2020

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Eddie Kidd

Born: Monday 22nd June 1959 (age: 61)


Eddie Kidd (born IslingtonLondon) is an English stunt performer best known for his motorcycle jumps.

He performed in the last-ever episode of the classic series of Doctor Who.

Kidd started his career at the age of 14 and is the holder of many world records for jumping over cars and buses. He has worked as a stunt double in many films, notably for Timothy Dalton in The Living DaylightsRoger Moore and Michael Caine in Bullseye!, and Pierce Brosnan in GoldenEye. One of his most famous motorcycle stunts was in the 1979 film Hanover Street starring Harrison Ford. Doubling for Ford on a motorbike, he jumped a 120ft (37m) railway cutting at 90 miles per hour (140 km/h) in Shepton MalletSomerset.

In his role as stunt biker Dave Munday in the 1979 film Riding High, Kidd performed a motorcycle jump across an 80ft gap in a disused viaduct across the Blackwater River in Essex.

In 1993 Kidd jumped over the Great Wall of China on a motorcycle.

Despite performing more than 10,000 jumps in his career, he did not have a UK motorcycle licence until 1995.

In 1993, American motorcycle daredevil Robbie Knievel challenged Kidd to a world title motorcycle 'jump-off' competition in St Louis, Missouri. Knievel (son of the late Evel Knievel) had deemed Kidd to be the only motorcycle jump rider in the world worthy of challenging him. The event was televised as a pay-per-view event entitled 'The Daredevil Duel, Knievel vs Kidd.' The competition required each rider to make three motorbike jumps, with the accumulative distance covered by each rider calculated to determine the winner of the contest. Kidd won the contest by out-jumping Knievel by 6 feet.

As Robbie Knievel and Eddie Kidd were never to meet again in a competitive capacity, the winner's belt from that day remains with Kidd.

On 6th August 1996, Kidd was involved in a serious motorcycle accident while performing at the Bulldog Bash, held at Long Marston Airfield near Stratford-upon-Avon. In comparison to some of his previous stunts, the jump Kidd made that day was relatively minor, comprising a jump of approximately 50 ft 0 in (15.24 m) across a drag strip. The relatively short landing area beyond the drag strip comprised an uphill incline leading to the edge of a steep embankment. Although Kidd completed the jump and landed the bike upright on two wheels, his chin struck the petrol tank of his motorcycle and he was knocked unconscious. As a result, Kidd was unable to prevent himself and his bike from continuing up and over the 20 ft 0 in (6.10 m) embankment edge, and he suffered serious head and pelvic injuries in the resulting fall. 

After the accident, doctors told Kidd's parents that it was possible he could be in a coma for up to 10 years, but he regained consciousness within three months of the accident.

Kidd was awarded an OBE in the 2012 Queen's Birthday Honours for services to the charitable giving sector in the UK.