June Whitfield

Last updated 09 January 2020

June Whitfield (1925-2018)
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June Rosemary Whitfield

Born: Wednesday 11th November 1925
Died: Saturday 29th December 2018 (age: 93)


June Whitfield, CBE was an English actress, well known in the United Kingdom since the 1950s for roles in radio and television comedy series.

Her first big break was a lead role in the radio comedy Take It From Here, and television followed, including appearances with Tony Hancock throughout his television career. In 1966, Whitfield played her first television sitcom role, in Beggar My Neighbour, and this ran for two years. She also starred in several Carry On films.

In 1968, June Whitfield and Terry Scott began their long television partnership which peaked with roles as husband and wife in Happy Ever After (1974-78) and Terry and June (1979-87). Since 1992, Whitfield has appeared in Jennifer Saunders's sitcom Absolutely Fabulous playing Edina Monsoon's mother. In recent years she has played a regular character in Last of the Summer Wine as well as a recurring character in The Green Green Grass.