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Barry Howard

Last updated 09 January 2020

Barry Howard (1937-2016)
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Barry Howard

Born: Friday 9th July 1937
Died: Thursday 28th April 2016 (age: 78)


Barry Howard was an English actor who was best known for his role as Barry Stuart-Hargreaves in the long-running BBC sitcom Hi-de-Hi!

Howard appeared in  Doctor Who in the 2009 two-part Christmas special The End of Time, as driver of the mini-bus containing the old age pensioners' group seeking the Doctor.

Howard appeared in Terry and June, You Rang, M'Lord?, The House of Windsor and Dad, in addition to Hi-de-Hi!.

In 2004, Barry played the character of Geoffrey in the short film Open Casket. In November 2009 he appeared in an episode of the BBC comedy Beautiful People.

He died in his hometown of Poole after battling from blood cancer.

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