Donald Pickering

Last updated 09 January 2020

Donald Pickering (1933-2009)
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Donald Ellis Pickering

Born: Wednesday 15th November 1933
Died: Saturday 19th December 2009 (age: 76)


Donald Pickering was an English actor.

Pickering had appeared in many television, film and radio roles. His television appearances include several roles in Doctor WhoThe PallisersThe House of EliottWatson in the 1980 series Sherlock Holmes and Doctor WatsonYes, Prime MinisterBrittas Empire and Executive Stress.

He is best known to Doctor Who fans for his three appearances in the Classic series. He fist played the role of Eyesen in the 1964 story The Keys of Marinus alongside William Hartnell. Eyesen was the Court Prosecutor, who has succeeded in persuading the Three Judges of Millennium to find Ian guilty of murder.

Pickering returned to the series in 1967, this time with Patrick Troughton, playing Captain Blade in The Faceless Ones. Blade was an airplane pilot at Gatwick Airport whose identity was taken over by a Chameleon.

His final appearance in the series was twenty years later in Sylvester McCoy's first story, Time and the Rani. In this story he played Beyus, the leader of the Lakertyan race, who was forced to serve the Rani alongside his daughter.