Joan Ellacott

Last updated 15 July 2020

Joan M Ellacott

Born: March 1920
Died: Thursday 4th January 2007 (age: 86)


Joan Ellacott provided Costumes for the Doctor Who television serial The Deadly Assassin with James Acheson..

Also worked on Duel of Hearts, A Ghost in Monte Carlo, The Lady and the Highwayman, The Second Victory, The Black Tower, The Old Men at the Zoo, Bread or Blood, There Goes the Bride, Pride and Prejudice, Rebecca, Grange Hill, Anna Karenina, Where Adam Stood, BBC Play of the Month, Madame Bovary, Under Western Eyes, Shoulder to Shoulder, The Dragon's Opponent, Emma, Eyeless in Gaza, Roads to Freedom, The First Churchills, The Possessed, Vanity Fair, The Forsyte Saga, Thursday Theatre, A Stitch in Time, Carry on Jack, Carry on Cabby, The Iron Maiden, Nurse on Wheels, Bitter Harvest, In the Doghouse, Carry on Cruising, Twice Round the Daffodils, Raising the Wind, Watch Your Stern, Carry on Regardless, A Circle of Deception, Piccadilly Third Stop, The League of Gentlemen, Upstairs and Downstairs, The Captain's Table, Floods of Fear, Nor the Moon by Night, Violent Playground, Campbell's Kingdom, Across the Bridge, High Tide at Noon, Tiger in the Smoke, Jumping for Joy , All for Mary, Man of the Moment, Doctor at Sea, Up to His Neck, Mad About Men, Forbidden Cargo, Fast and Loose, Personal Affair, Top of the Form, The Long Memory, Curtain Up, Madame Louise, The Galloping Major, The Happiest Days of Your Life, Helter Skelter, Don't Ever Leave Me, Christopher Columbus, Portrait from Life, Snowbound, Easy Money, The Forsyte Saga, Theatre 625, No Kidding, Suddenly, Last Summer, Carry on Nurse, Carry on Sergeant, Above Us the Waves, To Dorothy a Son, The Kidnappers, Hammer the Toff, Salute the Toff, Appointment with Venus

She is the widow of Michael Mulcaster.