John Fay

Last updated 05 March 2013

John Fay


John Fay is an award-winning British television writer, and playwright from Merseyside. He is known for his work on television soap operas Brookside and Coronation Street as well as his later work on original dramatic production.

Fay began his television career on Brookside. He stayed on the creative team for two years, writing 54 episodes, before joining the writing staff of Coronation Street, writing 94 episodes  and becoming lead writer. In 2005 he received the British Academy Television Award for Best Continuing Drama, sharing the BAFTA with Coronation Street producer Tony Wood and director Ian Bevitt. One of his notable scripts for Coronation Street was “Richard Hillman’s murder confession” which attracted over 19 million viewers. Fay's other television contributions include episodes of Clocking OffBlue Murder and Robin Hood. In 2007, Fay created the three-part ITV drama series Mobile

Russell T Davies, having been an admirer of John Fay's work on Coronation Street and Mobile, approached Fay to write for the third series ofTorchwood. Fay wrote two episodes of the award-winning third series of Torchwood, subtitled Children of Earth, which aired 7 July and 9 July 2009. He returned to write the ninth episode of the shows' Fourth Series; Torchwood: Miracle Day a collaboration between BBC Wales, BBC Worldwide and US cable channel Starz. In 2011 he also wrote for the fourth series of Primeval.

Fay has written two episodes of the Jimmy McGovern Drama Moving On, Sauce for the Goose - the first episode of the second series, and an episode of the third series, airing Autumn 2011, which he will also direct.

Fay began his writing career by writing and producing his own stage plays for local theatres around Liverpool, including several plays for Kirkby Response Theatre during the nineties. His later credits include the stage plays The Cruel Sea and Eat My Eyes.

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