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Carrie Gracie

Last updated 07 November 2014

Carrie Gracie
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Carrie Gracie


Carrie Gracie is a Scottish journalist and newsreader for BBC News.

In 1985 she went to China to teach English and Economics at Yantai and Chongqing Universities. On her return to Britain a year later she managed a small film company.

Gracie joined the BBC World Service in 1987 as a trainee producer, working in many areas at the headquarters in London as well as on assignment, including African, Chinese and Asia-Pacific regions. She became a correspondent forBBC World Service and then for domestic radio and television in Beijing in 1991. Gracie moved back to the UK in 1999 as a presenter on BBC News and on World Service. Since January 2008 she has been the main morning presenter on BBC News each Tuesday to Friday alongside Simon McCoy, previously her co-presenter on Fridays. She is also a presenter for the BBC World Service programme "The Interview".

Highlights of her career include covering the death of Deng Xiaoping and the handover of Hong Kong in 1997. More recently, Gracie took part in the BBC's coverage of the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing, as a co-commentator during the opening and closing ceremonies. In October 2008, she was presented with the inaugural Nick Clarke Award for her interview with BBC journalist Alan Johnston, who was kidnapped by the Palestinian Army of Islam in 2007.