Liz May Brice

Last updated 23 March 2013

Elizabeth May Brice

Born: 1975 (age: 49)


Liz May Brice  is an English actress. She is known for roles such as the convicted murderer Pat Kerrigan on ITV1's Bad Girls. To international audiences she may be more familiar as a minor cast member of the horror filmsResident Evil and AVP: Alien vs Predator. She is a member of the teaching staff at Bird College.

Brice was born in RedhillSurrey. She studiedEnglish at Cambridge University. Her early acting roles included a schoolgirl witch in the 1986 adaptation of Jill Murphy's novel, The Worst Witchand a part in children's sitcom News at Twelve (1988) (for both these roles she was credited as "Lisa" Brice). She joined the cast of prison dramaBad Girls in Series 7, in 2005 as Pat Kerrigan, who is serving life in prison for the murder of her ex-boyfriend. Her character would become the final 'Top Dog' of the show before it was axed in 2006.

Brice has appeared in episodes of BBC's Hustle and played a small role in the film version of Resident Evil. She had another minor role in another horror flick, AVP: Alien vs Predator. Her CV also includes the film sequel Fortress 2 with Christopher Lambert and the US mini-series The 10th Kingdom. Liz also appeared in the popular Channel 4 sitcom "Peep Show" in 2007.

In 2008 she played the role of Herrena in the TV adaptation of Terry Pratchett's The Colour of Magic.

She has also starred in her former partner Charlie Brooker's zombie horror Dead Set, and appears as Government assassin Agent Johnson in Torchwood'Children of Earth, aired in July 2009. She has also starred in The Bill as anti-terrorism officer, Karen Lacy.

In April 2010 she appeared in the episode "Loves Me, Loves Me Not" of BBC serial drama Casualty, playing the part of Lyn (mother of two of the child patients). 

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