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Last updated 05 March 2013

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Jacqueline Boatswain


Jacqueline Boatswain  is a British actress, based in London.

She is best known for playing headmistress Mrs Bassinger in the long-running BBC school drama, Grange Hill, from 2003-2006. The character's first name has never been revealed, but according to the sign outside her head teacher's office it starts with "S". Mrs Bassinger was not seen during the 2007 series, her function in the programme taken over by Cathy Tyson as deputy head, Miss Gayle. It was not known if Boatswain would return to Grange Hill, however the show has now been cancelled.

In addition to Grange Hill, Boatswain has appeared in Casualty, and as a police custody sergeant in the BBC daytime drama Doctors.

She also has extensive stage experience.

She has also appeared in Life on Mars and The Royal.

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