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Ciera Payton

Last updated 09 January 2020

Ciera Payton
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Ciera Payton

Born: Sunday 26th January 1986 (age: 35)


Ciera Payton is a New Orleans Native. She was raised in multiple neighborhoods in New Orleans but she most identifies with the third ward. There, she lived with her drug addict father and Nanaw (Grandmother). 

When  Payton was in eighth grade, her Nanaw died of cancer and her father was incarcerated. It was then that Payton  went to live with her mother in New Orleans East. She joined her school's Drama Troupe and then auditioned for the New Orleans Center for Creative Arts. As a freshman, she auditioned for the introductory course at NOCCA, but was enrolled in the sophomore class.

She graduated from NOCCA as a junior and then headed to North Carolina School of the Arts for their High School Drama program and continued to study there for college.

Payton splits her residences between Los Angeles, New York, and New Orleans. She has written and is performing her One-Woman show titled Michael's Daughter. The story that traces back to Ciera's childhood growing up in New Orleans through prison letters between her and her father, Michael.