Willis Chung

Last updated 09 January 2020

Willis Chung

Born: Monday 23rd June 1986 (age: 37)


Willis Chung was born  in LA’s outer city of Monterey Park.  His father, businessman who constantly traveled around the world doing international trades.  His mother took on various clerical works while taking care of the children. Being the middle child, he has an older brother to look up to and a younger sister to take care of. They lived in California suburban home where he learned and adapted his Chinese-American culture.   Willis was speaking Mandarin at home and switched to English when he plays with his neighborhood friends.  

Due to his father’s business in the east coast,  Chung  and his family moved to New York when he was still in grade school.  From there, he adjusted a different culture, lifestyle and blended in quickly with the fast pace city-life. After two years of living in New York, Willis and his family returned back to familiar grounds of California. 

Watching many Chinese action movies, Wushu martial arts had intrigued  Chung  into learning it himself.  While practicing Wushu, his master was impressed with  Chung’s form and movement.  One day, his master recommended him to further his study and work on Tai-Chi.  Willis was hesitant about pursuing tai-chi thinking that the slow movement was an exercise for old people at the park.  However, from the support from his master and family, he was educated about the values and grace of Tai-Chi.   Chung put forth his decision which earned him one gold, two silver and two bronze in his first martial arts competition.

Chung attended a local community college after completing high school. Trying to figure out his passion, he attempted different selection of classes; he took nursing, business, and accounting classes but nothing strike him until his first theatre class.  Being on stage was a natural for Willis.  The professor was pleased with his work and dedication that the professor himself mentor private sessions with Willis after class.  This motivated him on his future career path.   Willis continued to enrich his studies in various aspects of theatre and film by attending seminars and workshops.

AfterThe Fast and Furious 3,  Chung  continued working on short independent films, commercials, and television.  His first national commercial was with Dunkin’ Donuts. He worked on feature films such as SuperBad and TheInventions of Lying.  His motion-capture / voice-over project with Square Enix introduced a better understanding of the animation and gaming industry.  Also, he co-starred as the patient of the week in the hit television show House M.D.  In addition, Willis also worked on numerous award winning short films.  His admirable sense of humour and candid smile has earned him positive praises with the people he worked with.  However, hard work and dedication is never far off in his professionalism.  On top of that, Willis started a production company, Third Estate Media, which produces music videos for most major labels, short films starring A-List actors from Asia, as well as several regional commercials airing on KCAL9 and numerous cable networks.