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Julian Lewis Jones

Last updated 23 March 2013

Julian Lewis Jones

Born: 1968 (age: 53)


Julian Lewis Jones is a Welsh actor born in AngleseyWales in 1968. 

He has appeared largely in British television in shows such as Where the Heart Is and Caerdydd. In 2009, he starred in Clint Eastwood's drama film Invictus as the head of Nelson Mandela's bodyguard team.

He played Alex Hopkins in the Torchwood story Fragments.

Also worked on Zero Dark ThirtyElfie HopkinsStellaThe EagleSpooksIdentityThe TudorsThe BilStudsThe Story of Tracy BeakerThe Bank JobCasualtyY PrisJekyllDoctorsCaerdyddWhere the Heart IsTo the WallHolby CityArthur's DykeSolomon and GaenorSoldier SoldierA Mind to Kill