Mike Jones

Last updated 17 January 2014

Mike Jones

Born: 1943
Died: 2013 (age: 70)


Mike Jones provided studio sound on the 1978 Doctor Who story The Pirate Planet. 

He was a sound technician on many of the 1970s' hottest British properties, including:Dombey & SonAn Inspector CallsLove Is Old, Love Is NewBaalThe Barretts of Wimpole StreetThe Jail Diary of Albie SachsBBC2 PlayhouseFawlty TowersWuthering HeightsSecret ArmySupernaturalSceneThe Onedin LinePoldarkMonty Python's Flying CircusThe Double DealersTill Death Us Do Part

He died of cancer in 2013

Additional Details

In the early 1980s, Mike became a duty studio operations manager, joining the Studio  Production Resources Management team in trying to keep TVC running smoothly on a daily basis. Mike, typically, did this with great vigour and was heavily involved in the handling of the ‘asbestos crisis’, various industrial disputes and other crises.He was appointed H Ops Services in 1987, a job he loved – until retiring in 1995.

Having departed from BBC life, Mike established himself as an IT consultant, 

attracting a number of very appreciative clients. Now in an entirely new world, he nevertheless continued to stay in touch with many of his former colleagues.

Mike had a very dry humour and a pragmatic outlook on life, making irregular but always entertaining phone calls to friends about obscure technical matters and the many subjects that interested him. He was a very clever man brimming with information, a master of wit and irony and very good company.

It must be said that Mike had outstanding abilities as a researcher – in any field. Once involved in any interesting project, there was no holding him back. Mike researched a detailed history of the BBC TV rehearsal rooms; a fascinating read.

Mike’s many friends are still greatly shocked at his sudden death at almost 70 years of age. He chose not to concern anyone about his increasing internal discomfort until, too late for help, the pancreatic cancer overwhelmed him. A lonely and truly undeserved closure to a life that had enlivened and lifted many others.

We are really missing him.