Milton Subotsky

Last updated 09 January 2020

Milton Subotsky (1921-1991)
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Milton Subotsky

Born: Tuesday 27th September 1921
Died: Saturday 1st June 1991 (age: 69)


Milton Subotsky was born in New York in 1921, and honed his production skills during World War II by editing technical training films. After the war, he worked on a number of television shows in the US before emigrating to the UK in 1960, where he worked at Shepperton Studios.

Meeting up with Max J Rosenburg, they formed Amicus Productions in 1964 and went on to produce a number of cult sci-fi and horror classics like Dr. Terror's House of Horrors, The House That Drips Blood, and The Land That Time Forgot. He and Rosenburg also produced the two Dalek films starring Peter Cushing under the Aaru Productions name.

Post-Amicus, Subotsky continued to produce with titles as the mini-series The Martian Chronicles, based on Ray Bradbury's The Silver Locusts, and other productions based on Stephen King novels such as Cat's Eye, The Lawnmower Man and Sometimes They Come Back. He also produced the horror cult film The Monster Club.

Subotsky died in 1991 from heart disease.