Hannah Simpson

Last updated 29 June 2013

Production Credits
Production Coordinator: A New Dimension[Factual]; I Get a Sidekick out of You[Factual]Info; Why on Earth?[Factual]Info; Fear Factor[Factual] | as Post Production Co-ordinator: The Daleks[Factual] | as Production Co-ordinator: The Dark Side[Factual]; Special Effects[Factual]; Weird Science[Factual]; Unsung Heroes and Violent Death[Factual]; The World of Who[Factual]; The Last Battle[Factual]; New New Doctor[Factual]; Friends Reunited[Factual]; From Script to Screen[Factual]; Cybermen[Factual]; From Zero to Hero[Factual]; The Writer's Tale[Factual]; You've Got the Look[Factual]; Religion, Myths and Legends[Factual]; The New World of Dr Who[Factual]; The Fright Stuff[Factual]; Welcome to Torchwood[Factual]; Finale[Factual]; Backstage at Christmas[Factual]
24 credits in
24 entries
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Post Production Coordinator: as Post Production Co-ordinator: Time Trouble[Factual] | as Production Co-ordinator: The Ultimate Guide[Factual]
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Hannah Simpson


Hannah Simpson was a production co-ordinator for Torchwood and The Sarah Jane Adventures.

Went on to work on Wizards vs. Aliens