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James Brailsford

Last updated 09 December 2013

Production Creditsexpand all 4 roles
Producer: as Assistant Producer: Arthurian Legend[Factual]; After Effects[Factual]; Alien Abduction[Factual]; Coming to America[Factual]; Breaking the Silence[Factual]; Ship Ahoy![Factual]; Double Trouble[Factual]; Take Two[Factual]; The Born Identity[Factual]; About A Boy[Factual] | as Edit Producer: From Script to Screen[Factual]; All about the Girl[Factual]; What Goes on Tour...[Factual]; Out of Time[Factual]; Bigger on the Inside[Factual]
15 credits in
15 entries
Editor: From Zero to Hero[Factual]; Religion, Myths and Legends[Factual]; Meet Martha Jones[Factual]; Stage Fright[Factual]; A New York Story[Factual]; Bad Blood[Factual]; The Saxon Mystery[Factual]; The Italian Job[Factual]; Sontar-Ha![Factual]; Christmas 2008 Special[Factual]; The Eleventh Doctor[Factual] | as Additional Editing: Do You Remember the First Time?[Factual] | as Off Line Editor: Jack's Back[Factual]; Welcome to Torchwood[Factual]
14 credits in
14 entries
1 credit in
1 entry
10 credits in
10 entries

James Brailsford


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