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Eugene Washington

Last updated 09 January 2020

Eugene Washington
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Eugene Washington Norman Walker

Born: Wednesday 7th August 1974 (age: 46)

Casting Call Pro (Agency)

Eugene Washington is a British actor 

In 2010 he played the title role in Shakespeare's Othello in a 9 month world tour in a joint venture for American Drama Group Europe (ADGE) and TNT Theatre. He played the part of Henry Angell in Agatha Christie's The Unexpected Guest

Washington's screen credits include Law & Order: UK, Casualty, and an appearance in the 2006 season of Doctor Who in "School Reunion", playing a creepy alien teacher named Mr Wagner. 

He has also appeared in Doctors, Judge John Deed and had a lead guest role as Captain Rogan in Star Hyke in an episode entitled Lucy In The Sky.