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Sheenagh Tuckwell
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Sheenagh E Wreyford née Tuckwell

Born: 1944 (age: 77)

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Sheenagh Tuckwell was born in late 1944 in Cambridge, her parents George Tuckwell and Joyce Griffith hailing from Brentford.

Sheenagh worked for BBC television for about three years, working on one of the first classic serials in colour, Henry James' What Maisie Knew, which was also directed by 1737; a thriller serial directed by Alan Bromly, The Big M; numerous Z Cars episodes; and one or two episodes of Dr Finlay's Casebook and Our Man Craig.

Some of her television work was in education programmes, particularly a series on oceanography, The Unconquered Ocean, produced and directed by Brenda Horsfield.

She lives in Kenley with her husband Brian.

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