Wil Planitzer

Last updated 07 May 2015

Production Credits
Sound: Music and Monsters(as Will Planitzer)[Factual]; The Saxon Mystery[Factual]; The Valiant Quest[Factual]; Friends and Foe[Factual]; Christmas 2008 Special[Factual]; Call Me The Doctor[Factual]; All about the Girl[Factual]; War Games[Factual]; Eyes Wide Open[Factual]; Blinded by the Light[Factual]; After Effects[Factual]; What Goes on Tour...[Factual]; A Brush with Genius[Factual]; Coming to America[Factual]; Breaking the Silence[Factual]; Ship Ahoy![Factual]; Bigger on the Inside[Factual]; Double Trouble[Factual]; Take Two[Factual]; The Born Identity[Factual]; River Runs Wild[Factual]; About A Boy[Factual]; What Dreams May Come[Factual]; Heartbreak Hotel[Factual]; Open All Hours[Factual]; When Time Froze[Factual]
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Sound Recordist: The Companions(as Will Planitzer)[Factual]; The Five(ish) Doctors Reboot[Misc]
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Will Planitzer

Sound Recordist on The Five(ish) Doctors Reboot