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Paul Kulik

Last updated 06 May 2014

Paul Kulik


Paul Kulik trained as an Actor before becoming a Stuntman in 1999 although he has a huge passion for both.

His uncle was a Film Director in the USA & his sister has also got a successful book publishing company.

He Started in the Entertainment industry as an Lighting and Sound engineer in the evenings at the age of 18, which also gave him time in the day to go to college as a Electrician in case things didn't work out. Three years later he qualified in his City & Guilds. He finally got some luck when his friend asked him to play a knight in a jousting show to which he accepted and nearly twenty years on he his still acting on stage / TV, doing stunts, and jousting which has taken him into Europe and throughout the UK.

Pauls first acting job on stage was South Pacific, and his first Stunt job was Merseybeat doubling (Jonathan Kerrigan)

Paul travels between the UK & the USA where he lives.