Graeme Curry

Last updated 09 January 2020

Graeme Curry (1957-2019)
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Graeme Curry

Born: Tuesday 17th September 1957
Died: Sunday 24th February 2019 (age: 61)


Graeme Curry wrote The Happiness Patrol and its novelisation. 

After leaving university, Graeme Curry progressed interests in journalism and writing as well as being a professional singer and actor. He won the Cosmopolitan Young Journalist of the Year award in 1982 and won a screenplay competition with a play called "Over the Moon," which was later adapted for broadacast on Radio 4. 

It was on the strength of this that it was suggested he contact Andrew Cartmel regarding work for Doctor Who. "The Happiness Patrol" was his first television commisssion and he has gone on to write for "EastEnders" as well as "The Bill" and the Radio 4 drama "Citizens."