MyAnna Buring

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MyAnna Buring
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MyAnna Buring

Born: Saturday 22nd September 1984 (age: 39)

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MyAnna Buring is a Swedish actress best known for appearing in the 2005 horror film The Descent.

Buring was born in Sweden but grew up in the Middle East. When she turned 16, she moved to England. She attended high school at the American British Academy in MuscatOmanwith prolific horror filmmaker and character actor Stegath Dorr, who was a childhood friend. Buring graduated from the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art in 2004. She is also the associate director of the MahWaff Theatre Company.

In 2006, Buring guest-starred in "The Impossible Planet", the first episode of a two-episode Doctor Who story. Her character, Scooti, perished in the vacuum of space; the scenes of her body floating towards a black hole were filmed in an underwater tank in Pinewood Studios, to create the effect of weightlessness.

Also in 2006, Buring played Olivia in a production of Shakespeare's Twelfth Night by Exeter's Northcott Theatre Company, alongside Sara Weymouth and David Gwillim, and appeared in a new play, Seduced by Michael Kingsbury at London's Finborough Theatre. In 2008, Buring starred as Alice in the independent film Credo, also known as The Devil's Curse.

Buring also starred as Debbie in Much Ado About Nothing (BBC1), Midsomer Murders (ITV), Casualty (BBC1) and Murder Prevention (Channel 5). For MahWaff Theatre Company, she starred in GuardiansMonologue For An Ensemble and An Inspector Calls.

Buring played the role of CND peace activist and student Adrianna Doyle in series three, episode two of Inspector George Gently, which was screened in the UK on BBC1 on October 2010.

In her first film role Buring starred in a leading role in the 2005 horror film The Descent by director Neil Marshall. Her character, Sam, was one of the main characters among the women who ventured down into an uncharted cave system. Buring also appeared in the films sequel, The Descent Part 2, in the form of flashbacks.

She also starred in Doomsday in 2008, linking her again with director Neil Marshall.

In 2009, Buring appeared as the female lead in the film Lesbian Vampire Killers opposite James Corden and Mathew Horne, which was released to UK cinemas 20 March 2009.

In May 2010 she appeared as Jozefa in Witchville for SyFy in the U.S. alongside Sarah Douglas.

Buring plays the role of Tanya of the Denali Coven in The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part I and II.

In 2011 Buring appeared in the horror film Kill List, in which she acted the part of the protagonist's wife.

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