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Jalaal Hartley

Last updated 27 July 2014

Jalaal Hartley
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Jalaal Hartley


Jalaal Hartley is a British television actor, most notable for his role as Tom O'Dowd on Holby City. He played Mark, the ex-boyfriend of Saint the gay sex shop manager, in British teen drama Sugar Rush.

He has also appeared on Doctor Who, in which he played the part of Shakespearean actor Dick, in episode two of the third series, The Shakespeare Code. He has also appeared on Murder CityUltimate ForceCarrie & Barry, and various other television shows including a sketch show for BBC Three, Touch Me, I'm Karen Taylor.

He has also directed some television episodes. He recently appeared in BBC one drama Holby City, in which he played Tom O'Dowd, a medical student with an unconventional past. He left Holby City on 21 April 2009.