Chris Larkin

Last updated 09 January 2020

Chris Larkin
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Christopher Stephens

Born: Monday 19th June 1967 (age: 55)


Chris Larkin  is an English actor.

He was born in the Middlesex Hospital in London and trained at the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art. He is the elder sons of Dame Maggie Smith, and the late Sir Robert Stephens

His brother is the actor Toby Stephens, and his stepmother is the actress Patricia Quinn, (Lady Stephens).

He is best known for playing Hermann Göring in the TV Series Hitler: The Rise of Evil, but also played the Abolitionist William Wilberforce in the radio production of 'Grace Victorious', the story of Wilberforce's fight to abolish the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade.

He appeared in an episode of 2007's Doctor Who entitled "The Shakespeare Code".

Larkin is set to play the role of Dr. Mansell in Vertigo FilmsGuinea Pigs, an atmospheric, micro-budget horror film about volunteers fighting for their lives after a drug trial goes wrong. The film also stars Aneurin BarnardAlex ReidOliver ColemanSteve EvetsNia RobertsSkye Lourie, Jack Doolan and Amit Shah and is scheduled for release in 2012 in the UK.