Jessica Martin

Last updated 09 January 2020

Jessica Martin
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Jessica Martin

Born: Saturday 25th August 1962 (age: 61)


Jessica Martin (born in Fulham, London, England) is an actor and comedian. She is probably best known for her work as an impressionist and voice artist on the television series Spitting Image, impersonating the voice of Her Majesty The Queen. She also appeared on Yorkshire Television's 3-2-1 in the 1980s with impressionist Aiden J. Harvey.

Jessica has also done voices on PC PinkertonFaeriesJunglies and Romuald the Reindeer.

She appeared in the Doctor Who serial The Greatest Show in the Galaxy and some of The Krypton Factor observation rounds in 1988. Martin provides voice acting for the English language version of the PlayStation 2 game Dragon Quest VIII, most notably as Empyrea.

In 2004 Jessica recorded a song for the CD Weird & Wonderful - A Collection Of Songs by Alexander S. Bermange celebrating weirdos and weirdness, featuring sixteen West End stars (released on Dress Circle Records). In 2008, she joined author and columnist Mark Steyn to release a cover of It's a Marshmallow World, a holiday song first popularized by Bing Crosby.

Martin also provided the voice for The Queen in the Christmas Special of BBC1's Doctor Who "Voyage of the Damned" broadcast on Christmas Day, 2007.

Jessica Martin is a patron of The Music Hall Guild of Great Britain and America and performed at the 50th anniversary Memorial Service for Lupino Lane at St Paul's Covent Garden.

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