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Elouise Rakic-Platt

Last updated 27 July 2014

Elouise Rakic-Platt
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Eloise Maria Rakic-Plat

Born: 2001 (age: 20)


Eloise Rakic-Platt (born 2001) played Ella McAvoy in the Doctor Who story Forest of the Dead.

She was born in Hackney, London. She is the fourth daughter and youngest child in her family. She has three sisters, who are all actresses: Abby Augusta (b. 3 May, 1993), Madeleine Elizabeth (b. 1996) and Jaime Josephine (b. 1998), all born in Hackney. Her sister Madeleine played Lilly Frobisher on Series 3 of Torchwood and her sister Abby is an accomplished actress and model, with roles on TV shows such as The Bill.

Biography from the TARDIS wiki article, licensed under CC-BY-SA