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Antony Carrick

Last updated 22 July 2015

Antony Carrick - Image Credit: Chuck Foster
Image Credit: Chuck Foster (this image appears for illustrative purposes only and no attempt is made to supersede any copyright attributed to it)

Antony Carrick


Antony Carrick played Rossini in the Doctor Who story The Masque of Mandragora.

Also worked on Holby CityDoctorsElizabeth: The Golden AgeCasualtyThe Chatterley AffairMrs Henderson PresentsCharlieRosemary & ThymeWhat a Girl WantsFields of GoldThe CallingBeautiful PeopleKavanagh QCMr. White Goes to WestminsterFrontiersThe Bill: TargetHeartbeatThe BillKilling Me SoftlySpenderInspector MorseRumpole of the BaileyScreenplayValmontAgatha Christie: PoirotThe Return of ShelleyCodename: KyrilYes, Prime MinisterA Perfect SpyThe Living DaylightsPrick Up Your EarsPersonal ServicesJuliet BravoThe Black TowerScreen TwoMorgan's BoyShroud for a NightingaleChampionsAngelsTales of the UnexpectedYes MinisterFive-Minute FilmsA Kind of LovingThe Brack ReportMuck and BrassThe Hunchback of Notre DameComing HomeThe Hitch Hikers Guide to the GalaxyThe ProfessionalsDr. Jekyll and Mr. HydeHammer House of HorrorButterfliesHopscotchShoestringRipping YarnsKidsGrange HillTargetThe Devil's CrownITV Sunday Night DramaCrown CourtJuliaMurder Most English: A Flaxborough ChronicleZ CarsJabberwockyThe Finishing LineKillersPlays for BritainMadame BovarySoftly Softly: Task ForceThe Main ChanceThe PallisersFall of EaglesMurder Must AdvertiseTV Sunday Night TheatreThirty-Minute TheatreITV Play of the WeekITV Television PlayhouseThe Black Arrow