Colin Douglas

Last updated 09 January 2020

Colin Douglas (1912-1991)
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Colin Douglas

Born: Sunday 28th July 1912
Died: Saturday 21st December 1991 (age: 79)


Colin Douglas was an English actor. 

He had two major roles in Doctor Who, playing Donald Bruce in the 1967 story Enemy of the World, and Ruben in the 1977 story Horror of Fang Rock.

His film credits include: The Trollenberg Terror (1958), The Valiant (1962), Captain Clegg (1962) and Mister Ten Per Cent(1967).

His theatre credits include: One For The Pot, one of Brian Rix's Whitehall farces in the 60's, a spell with the Royal Shakespeare Company which included a production of Toad of Toad Hall with David Suchet, and Exchange in the late 80's, with his good friend Martin Jarvis.

On TV had roles in Fire Crackers, The Buccaneers, Danger Man, Love Story,Follyfoot, Telford's Change, The Sweeney, Dick Barton - Special Agent, The Seventh Juror, The Flockton Flyer,Headmaster, Thicker than Water (an instalment of the anthology series Play for Today), The Night People, The Omega Factor, The Greenhill Pals and The Pickwick Papers.

Douglas had a lead role in the drama A Family at War (1970-1972) where he played Edwin Ashton in a glum portrayal of a Liverpool family in the 1930s and 1940s. 

Colin Douglas's last role was as troubled Labour Party veteran, Frank Twist in Alan Bleasdale's TV series G.B.H..