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David Nettheim

Last updated 04 April 2020

David Nettheim (1925-2008)
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David Cosman Nettheim

Born: Friday 10th July 1925
Died: Tuesday 11th March 2008 (age: 82)


David Nettheim was an Australian actor.

He appeared in the 1967 Enemy of the World.

He was educated at Sydney Grammar School and joined 2GB as an office boy in 1941. He took on occasional writing and announcing roles and was involved in production of John Dease's "Quiz Kids".

He was involved with the Metropolitan Theatre, Mercury Theatre and Phillip Street Theatre, where he both wrote for and acted in their famous revues.

He worked with Michael Bentine and John Bluthal in the Goon Show-like radio programme "Three's a Crowd" for radio 2UE, which ran for 34 weekly half-hour episodes. He next worked in England with Peter Sellers and Michael Bentine in the 1957 television comedy skit show Yes, It's the Cathode-Ray Tube Show. 

He was the uncle of director Daniel Nettheim.