Edward Burnham

Last updated 09 January 2020

Edward Burnham (1916-2015)
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Edward Charles Burnham

Born: Monday 25th December 1916
Died: Tuesday 30th June 2015 (age: 98)


Edward Burnham had two major roles in Doctor Who. In 1968 he played Professor Watkins, the uncle of Isobel, in 4 episodes of the second Doctor story The Invasion. He returned to the series at the end of 1974 in Tom Baker's d├ębut story Robot, playing Professor Kettlewell, the creator of the Experimental Prototype Robot K1. 

He was born in Stafford in England.

Edward Burnham was an actor for over 60 years, appearing on Television as early as 1938 in productions of The Marvellous History of St. Bernard and The Swiss Family Robinson. In 1959 he appeared in the science fiction series Quatermass and the Pit. Other roles followed in productions such as The Citadel, Z Cars, The Plane Makers, To Sir, with Love, The Pallisers, The Search for the Nile, Churchill's People, All Creatures Great and Small and Nicholas Nickleby. In the early 1960's he played Dr. Dorking and Dr. Danvers White in Emergency-Ward 10 and in 1985 he played Mr. Grimwig in Terrance Dicks's production of Oliver Twist. He also appeared in the feature films 10 Rillington Place, Young Winston and The Hiding Place


His Daughter Vin Burnham is a costume and puppet designer who worked as a free-lance contributor to several Creature Shop projects in the 80s and 90s.