Geraldine Stephenson

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Geraldine Stephenson (1925-2017)
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Geraldine Mavis Stephenson

Born: Friday 4th December 1925
Died: Sunday 24th December 2017 (age: 92)


Geraldine Stephenson was a dancer, choreographer, movement director and teacher on more than 150 films and television programmes, and over 200 stage productions.

She was born in Hull in 1925, the daughter of Gordon Stephenson whose building company was involved with the building of the city's University. Having studied at Newland School for Girls she went on to study physiotherapy at Bedford College of Physical Education. It was here that she was introduced to pioneer of modern dance Rudolf Laban and went on to study at his Art of Movement Studio in Manchester, where she sometimes also worked as a pianist and physical trainer to pay her bills.

She continued to work with Laban through the 1940s and 1950s, with her first major engagement being a revival of York Mystery Plays in 1951 as movement director for E Martin Browne.She also had a solo performance career, and was a pioneer of Independence Dance; she had a keen interest in period dance, and in 1956 produced Centuries of Dance at the Park Lane Theatre. She later became president of the Early Dance Circle.

During the height of her career she could be providing choreography on four or five film and television productions a year, as well as a number of stage productions.Films include Barry Lyndon and Notting Hill, whilst BBC productions included classics such as The Pallisers, Poldark, The House of Elliot, and Tenko, not to mention variety entertainment shows including The Two Ronnies. In 1975 she provided choreography for the Sisterhood of Karn's dances in The Brain of Morbius.

Her final professional stage show was the 28th John Strauss Gala at the Royal Festival Hall for Christmas 2004.

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