Hayley Nebauer

Last updated 25 March 2017

Hayley Nebauer
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Hayley Nebauer


Hayley Nebauer has worked as a costume designer for film, Television and Theatre since 2000.

Recent work includes series 3 of the visual and swashbuckling BBC drama The Musketeers, highly acclaimed BBC mini series Our World War (a WW1 Drama), the ambitious AIR (Produced by Hayley) has played as official selection at notable international Film Festivals including Palm Springs, and also Take Down, a Thriller/Drama Feature film from director Jim Gillespie (I Know What you did last Summer) and Pinewood Films and TV drama Cyber Bully starring Maisie Williams for Channel 4.

Originally from Australia, Hayley has also worked England, Wales, the Czech Republic, Italy, Hungary, Scotland, France, Northern Ireland, Greece and Brazil, but has been based in the UK since 2005.

Growing up in Tasmania with an early interest in costume history and science fiction, Hayley works from varied sources, often uses a process called 'Hybrid Design' to blend her love of rich historical costume with contemporary design or other contrasting aesthetics. With strong costume cutting and making skills, many of the productions she designs have a high percentage of costumes custom made for purpose.

Emphasising new creative design for the future, while reflecting the richness of the past, Hayley hopes to continue working on varied projects, making strong and appropriate visuals to support engaging stories.