Hettie MacDonald

Last updated 22 January 2015

Hettie MacDonald


Hettie MacDonald is a British director who won a Grand Prix award, an International Jury Award - Honorable Mention and a People's Choice Award for her work on the film Beautiful Thing.

For television, MacDonald is best known as the director of Blink, the Hugo Award-winning 2007 episode of Doctor Who series. In 2009, SFXnamed the episode's climax, with the Weeping Angels advancing on Sally and Larry, as the scariest moment in Doctor Who's history, citing its "perfect direction".

MacDonald has also directed for the stage.

MacDonald studied English at Bristol University before training as a director at the Royal Court Theatre. She was formerly associate director at the Wolsey Theatre, Ipswich.

Current work has included the series Fortitude, which also starred Christopher Eccleston.