Ian Dow

Last updated 24 February 2018

Ian Dow
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Ian Dow

Died: January 2018


Ian Dow was an engineering manager, lighting designer, and director.

He worked for the BBC for many years, which as well as Doctor Who during the McCoy period also included Blott on the Landscape and Moondial, as well as the BBC revival of Treasure Hunt.

In his retirement served as Chairman and Chair of the Papers Committee for lighting conference Showlight.

Much of his time was spent on training and supporting students, and in 2013 he was awarded the Enrico Caironi Lifetime Recognition Award during the Knight of Illumination awards ceremony, during which it was stated: "Ian Dow was a unanimous decision. The KOI committee feels he has worked and supported the lighting industry in very many ways. He was an engineering manager and lighting designer for the BBC for many years and has been the Chairman of Showlight for the last eight years. Ian has spent many hours training students and is particularly proud that Showlight offers 40 free places to students to help get them a foothold in the Industry."

Dow was also a long-serving contributor to LSi magazine, with his column Recollected Works containing reflections on his long and varied career in lighting.

Adapted from LSi Online tribute