Jacqueline Hill

Last updated 09 January 2020

Jacqueline Hill (1929-1993)
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Grace Jacqueline Hill

Born: Tuesday 17th December 1929
Died: Thursday 18th February 1993 (age: 63)


Jacqueline Hill was a British actress best known for her role as Barbara Wright one of the original three companions of The First Doctor William Hartnell.

Hill was asked to play Barbara Wright after she and producer Verity Lambert, whom she knew socially, discussed the role at a party. Hill played the role for nearly two years, leaving the show in 1965, at the same time as William Russell who played Ian Chesterton. 

Hill returned alongside Tom Baker for an appearance in the 1980 Doctor Who story Meglos, as the priestess Lexa.

Hill trained at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art and made her stage debut in London's West End in The Shrike. Other roles followed, including, on television, Shop Window, Fabian of the Yard and An Enemy of the People. In  May1958 she married the director Alvin Rakoff, having the previous year appeared in his BBC adaptation of Rod Serling's American television play Requiem for a Heavyweight.

Soon after leaving the series in 1965 she gave up acting to raise a family, daughter Sasha and son John. Hill resumed her career in 1979 and gained further TV credits in, amongst other programmes, Tales of the Unexpected and as Lady Capulet in the BBC Television Shakespeare version of Romeo and Juliet in 1978.

Jacqueline Hill died of cancer in 1993.

The actress is played by Jemma Powell in the 50th Anniversary drama An Adventure In Space And Time.