Keith Jayne

Last updated 09 January 2020

Keith Jayne
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Keith Jayne

Born: Saturday 10th December 1960 (age: 62)


Keith Jayne  is a British actor, known for playing young men in several classic BBC series in the 1970's.

He played Will Chandler in the Doctor Who serial The Awakening, leading John Nathan-Turner to briefly consider making Keith a series regular. 

A slow growth rate, due to a pituitary gland problem, made Keith a target of bullies at grammar school. To escape them, he enrolled with The Barbara Speake Stage School.

Early roles were in Rumpole of the BaileyAngels (TV series) and a variety of Children's Film Foundation productions. In 1974, Keith appeared as Wilfred Schoenfeld in the Upstairs Downstairs episode 'The Beastly Hun.'

However, his big break happened in 1979 when he was cast as Tom Arnold, a cabin boy, in The Onedin Line.

This was followed by the lead role in Thames Television�s, BAFTA award nominated, adaptation of Stig of The Dump - which �is probably the part I am most remembered for.�[1]

Keith appeared in all 54 episodes of Central TV's kid�s drama, Murphy�s Mob - as Boxer Reed in Murphy�s Mob.

Typecasting (often as a yokel) persuaded Keith to study for a certificate in Finance and Investment. This coincided with a dark period his life when his earlier health problems came back to haunt him. �As a result of the growth hormone treatment I received as a child, I received a letter from the NHS saying I may have contracted CJD.

Having run a financial services business for the last 22 years, Keith is planning on a return to acting. Looking for an agent he has already made a brief return to television, as a guest in the Blast From The Past section of The Justin Lee Collins Show.