Lewis Fiander

Last updated 09 January 2020

Lewis Fiander (1938-2016)
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Lewis Fiander

Born: Wednesday 12th January 1938
Died: May 2016 (age: 78)


Lewis Fiander was an Australian film, stage and television  actor.

Moving to the UK from his native Australia, initially to appear in the play "The One Day of the Year", he appeared in such films as Dr. Phibes Rises Again, Dr. Jekyll and Sister Hyde and Not Now Comrade. His first major role on television was Mr Darcy in the BBC serialisation of Pride and Prejudice (1967).

In 1970, he originated the role of John Adams in the London stage production of 1776, a role he reprised in Australia.

Other stage appearances in West End musicals included the roles of Lord Melbourne and Disraeli in I and Albert, Coward in Noel and Gertie and Puccini in Cafe Puccini.

He returned to Australia in the 1980s, appearing in such things as Tanamera: Lion of Singapore, Inside Running, Bangkok Hilton, The Feds, Blight, The Genie from Down Under and the Australian-filmed Mission: Impossible.

He was reported to have died from a stroke in mid May.




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