Maggie Stables

Last updated 09 January 2020

Maggie Stables
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Maggie Stables

Died: Friday 26th September 2014


Maggie Stables was a British actress who played the part of the companion Evelyn Smythe in a range of audio dramas by Big Finish Productions based on the BBC television series Doctor Who.

Maggie Stables turned to acting as a second career, after retiring from a long-held position as a French teacher. After some experience in musical theatre, in 1991 she acted in a production of Jane Eyre with Nicholas Briggs. This led to Briggs later casting Stables as Ruthley in Big Finish's first Doctor Who play The Sirens of Time, and as Evelyn the following year. 

Stables has appeared in several Big Finish audio roles beyond Evelyn. In addition to Ruthley, Stables appeared in Zagreus as the Great Mother, in Sarah Jane Smith: The TAO Connection as Mrs Lythe, and the Bernice Summerfield audio drama Just War as Ma Doras.

Stables also portrayed Evelyn Smythe in the webcast Doctor Who story Real Time.

Illustrations of Evelyn in the Real Time webcast, as well as on Big Finish audio covers, are modelled on Stables.