Maurice Roëves

Last updated 15 July 2020

Maurice Roëves (1937-2020)
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John Maurice Roëves

Born: Friday 19th March 1937
Died: Wednesday 15th July 2020 (age: 83)


Maurice Roëves is a British actor, born in Sunderland, County Durham.

His television roles include Danger UXB (1979), The Nightmare Man (1981), the 1984 Doctor Who serial The Caves of AndrozaniDays of our Lives (1986), Tutti Frutti (1987), Rab C. Nesbitt (1990), The New Statesman (1990), Spender (1991), Star Trek: The Next Generation, the BBC adaptation of Vanity Fair (1998) and EastEnders (2003).

He also played Chief Superintendent David Duckenfield in the 1996 television film Hillsborough, in which his character patrolled the FA Cup semi-final in the Liverpool F.C. game where a crush (blamed on loss of police control) led to the deaths of 96 fans.

In 2006 he starred in the BBC docudrama Surviving Disasters, portraying Sir Matt Busby in the story of the Munich air disaster.

He starred as Robert Henderson in BBC Scotland's drama River City.

His film roles include Oh! What a Lovely WarUlyssesHidden Agenda, the 1992 version of The Last of the Mohicans, the Judge Dredd movie (1995) and Beautiful Creatures (2000).

In 2003 he appeared in May Miles Thomas's film Solid Air.


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