Max Faulkner

Last updated 09 January 2020

Max Faulkner (1931-2010)
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Max Faulkner

Born: 1931
Died: Saturday 13th February 2010 (age: 79)


Max Faulkner, was a stunt man and actor who has small roles in six Doctor Who stories. He played a UNIT soldier in the 1970 Jon Pertwee story The Ambassadors of Death, and a miner in the 1974 story The Monster of Peladon. In Jon Pertwee's final story, Planet of the Spiders, he played the Guard Captain. 

Faulkner appeared with Tom Baker in three stories. In the 1975 story Genesis of the Daleks he played a Thal Guard before returning later in the year in The Android Invasion as Corporal Adams, a UNIT officer stationed at Devesham. His final appearance in 1978 was in The Invasion of Time where he played Nesbin, the leader of a group of Outsiders.

He was the fight arranger in the 1976 story The Hand of Fear.

Faulkner appeared in many British dramas such as IvanhoeThe Adventures of Robin HoodRichard the LionheartColditzLorna DooneLittle Lord FauntleroySecret Army,Blake's 7 and Robin of Sherwood.