Mervyn Pinfield

Last updated 09 January 2020

Mervyn Pinfield (1912-1966)
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Mervyn Pinfield

Born: Wednesday 28th February 1912
Died: Monday 30th May 1966 (age: 54)


Mervyn Pinfield was a British Television producer and director working for the BBC during the 1950s and 1960s. 

He was a key member of the team recruited to launch Doctor Who in the early sixties. He was appointed associate producer on the series, to aid the inexperienced producer Verity Lambert, because of his vast technical knowledge of how television was made.

Pinfield was a highly experienced producer and director. Before joining the BBC early in the 1950s to work on live drama at Alexandra Palace, he spent over four years in 'weekly rep' as Director/Theatre Manager at the Royalty Theatre, Morecambe. 

He also directed Episodes 1 to 4 of The SensoritesThe Space Museum and Episodes 1 & 2 of Planet of Giants for the series, and worked as director on other BBC series such as Compact (Day Of Deliverance and Fare Thee Well For I Must Leave Thee)The Monsters, and The Franchise Affair.

Pinfield was also known as the inventor of an early type of Teleprompter, or Autocue, which he called the Piniprompter.

The producer is played by Jeff Rawle in the 50th Anniversary drama An Adventure In Space And Time.

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