Peter Brachacki

Last updated 09 January 2020

Peter Brachacki

Born: Saturday 30th January 1926
Died: Friday 14th November 1980 (age: 54)


Peter Brachacki was a production designer who worked for BBC Television in the 1960s. Although he worked on several programmes, he is best remembered as the first production designer for Doctor Who in 1963, making him responsible for the iconic design of the TARDIS interior.

The Peter Brachaki-designed TARDIS interior

Brachacki was production designer for the very first episode of Doctor WhoAn Unearthly Child, shot and broadcast in 1963. Despite the success of his design for the TARDIS interior set, he was not enthusiastic about working on the programme and did so under duress. He worked only on the very first episode and its re-mount, thereafter being replaced on the opening serial by Barry Newbery and never working on the series again. Director Waris Hussein recalled in later interviews that he was never happy with Brachacki's contribution and only kept him on as designer out of necessity, as there was not the time to request a replacement.

Also worked on The Innes Book of RecordsBlakes 7When the Boat Comes InIt's ChildsplayBattle of the SexesTill Death Us Do PartFall of EaglesPlay for TodayThe Black and White Minstrel ShowComedy PlayhouseThe Harry Secombe ShowThe Onedin LineThe Liver BirdsThe Witch's DaughterThe Silver SwordPaul TempleThe ExpertBBC Show of the WeekThe Gnomes of DulwichSoftly SoftlyHarry WorthNot in Front of the ChildrenThirty-Minute TheatreGaslight TheatreThe Valiant Varneys

He is played by David Annen in the 50th Anniversary drama An Adventure In Space And Time