Peter Thomas

Last updated 22 January 2017

Peter Thomas (1938-2017)
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Peter Thomas

Born: 1938
Died: 2017 (age: 79)

Star Now (Agency)
Casting Call Pro (Agency)

A LAMBDA graduate in 1954, Peter Thomas lived in Oxford. As well as Doctor Who, Peter had also been in shows such as The Avengers and Dixon of Dock Green, and worked with Tony Hancock and Benny Hill. He has appeared in films such as Witchfinder General, The Assassination BureauTales from the Crypt, Enclosure, and Down The Dark Road. He also  appeared in 2012's Heineken/Skyfall advert, and played God in The Day I Met God.

Outside of acting he ran PR Productions in Abingdon, a video production company. He is a horserider and cyclist, and enjoys folksinging and playing the guitar.