Richard Tunesi

Last updated 17 March 2017

Richard Tunesi
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Richard Tunesi

I began work on Doctor Who Productions in 2006 following an audition in Cardiff BBC studios. I was then called back for a workshop with a body movement coordinator before being selected to play an Ood monster at their introduction in to the series. I then went on to play a Judoon, Evil Santa, Gold Headed Robot, Hath, & Cyberman. I also played a Black Helmet & Judoon in Sarah Jane's Adventures, and a Weevil in Torchwood.

I also played several other background characters, including David Tennant's body double in Doctor Who.

I have also played a live Cyberman in the Millennium Centre in Cardiff performing solo to an audience listening to the BBC Orchestra of Wales Doctor Who theme music in 2011.

Additionally I have played a live Cyberman and Scarecrow at other U.K. events; and performed with other performers a live Ood at the Doctor Who 2009 wrap party at Upper Boat Studios South Wales when it was announced Russell T Davies was leaving as head writer.

In Nov 2010, 5 other performers and myself re-created the original Cyberman photo shoot of their invasion in London 1968. You can see us outside St Paul's Cathedral, on Millennium Bridge, and the London Underground.

My time working on Doctor Who productions covered 2006-2011. At which stage I began training as a mental health nurse. My current profession. I sadly miss the performance work very much especially playing monsters as the other performers, Millennium FX and crew always made for a most enjoyable and satisfying experience. It felt great being able to animate a monster and to contribute to such a wonderful part of many children's and adults experiences growing up.

Richard Tunesi playing an Ood (Credit: Richard Tunesi) Richard Tunesi playing an Ood (Credit: Richard Tunesi) "The Ood Squad" (Credit: Richard Tunisi)

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